1. Is this company trustworthy?
Ans: This company has been registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu for the last 25 years. Our company has earned names among customers, government and public.

2. Will you deliver the product at the correct time?
Ans: We have been delivering the products to our customers 99% at the right time. Once the lorry is been booked the information related will be sent in SMS or email.

3. Will there be any shortage in the quantity of the calendars?
Ans: We are sure that we will send only after checking twice and not even a single number will be reduced.

4.How about the prices?
Ans: Our product prices are very reasonable. According to the paper quality the price is been fixed for all the calendars.

5.What to do if there is any damage during transportation?
Ans: Our packages are safely wrapped and packed. There's no need to worry about the damage. It'll safely reach you.